New league table ranks Mumbai as the most stressful big city to live

A new league table has reportedly ranked Mumbai, India as the most stressful big city for anyone to live in, with Hong Kong closely following suit at rank number 74. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, Reykjavik, Iceland has been ranked the lowest-stress city in the world.

According to the compiler of the list, which ranks 100 major cities, the current political turmoil in Hong Kong could bring its ranking, 74th for 2021, down more over the coming years. Supposedly, claiming that the ongoing unrest might work as an ‘anxiety accelerator’ for many residents.

For the record, experts are claiming that the “Least & Most Stressful Cities Index 2021” should be taken perhaps with a little pinch of salt, as it has been collated by Vaay, a purveyor of cannabidiol oil products as well as hemp supplements based out of Berlin, to ‘promote mindfulness and inner balance’.

However, the collator’s data regarding the stress causing factors for urban dwellers offer a food for thought. The rankings are dependent on how much they score against 16 determinants, including pollution, social and financial pressures, governance and the adverse impact of Covid-19 measures.

Most Scandinavian cities ranked either at or near the top of the list, scoring well on a majority of the 16 factors. However, Reykjavik, with its lowest noise and air pollution, and the most safety, security, and gender equality, managed to rank first.

It can be clearly seen that almost all of the cities that have been ranked the lowest for stress come in the Western hemisphere. In fact, No one of any Asian cities in the list have been ranked within the top 25, with almost seven, including Manila,  Philippines, and Jakarta, Indonesia, ranking among the top 10 most stressful.

Vaay co-founder, Finn Age Hänsel, stated that the goal of the index is not to ostracize the cities that lag behind in these areas, but it is rather to highlight the ones that are leading instances of what could be done to enhance the overall well-being of their respective inhabitants.

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