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puppy goes down the stairsvideo

Three-Legged Dog Teaches Puppy How To Go Down The Stairs

And the result is priceless ... 😂😂😂😂😂
talk to strangers

Talking To Strangers Is Good For The Soul

In a story on the BBC today, two behavioral science researchers touted surprise findings about the benefits of talking to strangers. From their experiment...
lemur yoga

People Doing Yoga With Lemurs? People Doing Yoga With Lemurs.

Amazingly, this is not an April Fools' joke. It's actually a real thing in the UK. See for yourself:
underwater restaurant Norway

New Restaurant Opens In Norway — Five Meters Underwater

If you happen to have a trip planned to Southern Norway anytime soon, and if you've always fancied the idea of dining more than ten feet underwater,...
Julia Sesame Street autism

Julia, Sesame Street’s Newest Character, Helps Kids Learn About Autism

Meet Julia, the newish character on "Sesame Street." Introduced in 2017, Julia became the first Muppet with autism to appear on the hit kids show.
debt free improves brain function

Paying Off Debt Improves Brain Function, Study Finds

Need another reason to pay off those credit card balances? A new study from the National University of Singapore found that eliminating debt actually makes your brain...
first steps

Dad Is Elated When Daughter Defies Doctors, Takes First Steps

For Lawrence Bakana, watching his child take her first steps carried more meaning than it did for most other fathers. That's because Bakana's one...
coffee helps you live longer

Want To Live Longer? Drink More Coffee, Study Says

For years, competing schools of thought have surrounded the coffee debate: is it good for you or not? The answer is a resounding "yes,"...

Kenyan Teacher Who Gives Away 80% Of His Salary Nets $1 Million Prize

A teacher in rural Kenya who donates 80% of his salary to help his poorest students won $1 million and the title of "world's best teacher."
seeing eye dog for dog

Blind Golden Retriever Gets Around — With Own Seeing-Eye Dog

There are an estimated 10,000 seeing-eye dogs for visually-impaired people in the United States. Now, though, there is at least one seeing-eye dog ... for another dog.