Mental health app Intellect clocks over one million users in 2020

Google claims the app to be one of the top picks for personal growth in 2020.

Focused on lowering the barriers of mental healthcare in Asia, Intellect, a Singapore-based startup has reportedly recorded more than one million users, just over the span of six months since its launch. In addition to reaching this milestone, Intellect has also recently closed an seed funding round led by Insignia Ventures Partners along with other angel investors.

According to a statement, Samir Chaibi, Principal, Insignia Ventures Partners, said that Intellect is speculated to be a fast-scaling platform that addresses a key consumer touchpoint that has become quiet vital amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Their firm believes that linking an efficient mobile-first delivery with clinically-backed protocols is the key to lowering the barriers for access to mental healthcare solutions by millions of patients globally.

Generally, Intellect offers two products, one being a consumer app with self-guided programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that focuses on issues like self-esteem, anxiety, or relationship issues, while the other being a mental health platform for employers that encompasses a recently launched telehealth service dubbed Behavioural Health Coaching, that links users with mental health professionals.

The enterprise centric product has currently served around 10,000 employees, with clients mainly including tech companies, regional operations for hospitals and multinational corporations. Most of these clients are located in Singapore, Indonesia Hong Kong, and India that have an employee base spanning between 100 to over 3,000.

Theodoric Chew, Co-founder and CEO, Intellect claims that the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted more companies to address burnout and other mental health issues. Their firm has seen a significant rise in number of companies across Asia that are prioritizing more on mental health and wellbeing of their employees. These is also a significantly higher utilization of work stress & burnout, anxiety and relationship-related programs, claims Chew.

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