Honda to recall 1.4 million vehicles in the U.S. over safety concerns

Honda Motor Co., the leading Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, automobiles, and power equipment, has reportedly announced that it is recalling nearly 1.79M vehicles across the world in mainly 4 separate campaigns, which includes some associated to reported fires. The recalls cover nearly 1.4 million Honda vehicles in the U.S.

Honda stated that one U.S. recall covers nearly 268,000 CR-V vehicles that are between 2002-06 model year to substitute their power window switches. The automaker further added no injuries have been reported, however 16 fires were reported linked to the aforementioned issue. In 2012, the firm had performed a power window master switches recall. The novel recall would address moisture-based failures of switches fixed under the 2012 campaign.

The firm is further recalling nearly 735,000 Accords of model-years between 2018-2020, Accord Hybrid, as well as Insights vehicles built in 2019-2020 to upgrade the BCM software. A programming glitch can interrupt communication, causing various warning lights to come on. The flaw could also cause electronic components, including windshield wipers, turn signals, and rear-view camera to malfunction.

The automaker is also making two recalls covering about 430,000 vehicles in about 22 states of U.S. and the D.C (District of Columbia) with substantial use of road salt to review and possibly change front drive shafts. Both are regarding the possible breaking of the drive shafts because of corrosion. Meanwhile, no injuries linked to any of the recalls have been reported.

The firm added that repair parts are not yet available for nearly all vehicles that were included in the recalls of drive shaft. The recalls cover 2013-2015 Honda Accord vehicles, 2013-2015 based Acura ILX, Honda Fit 2007-2014, Acura ILX Hybrid 2013 and Honda Civic Hybrid 2012. No major crashes related to software or drive shaft recalls have been reported.

In addition, the automaker has cautioned that car owners should take their SUVs for repairs as and when they get a notice of recall.

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