Two million of UK’s lowest paid workers to receive a pay raise

Nearly two million of the lowest-paid workers in the United Kingdom are set to receive a hike from Thursday, 1st April 2021. The news comes after an increase in the statutory minimum wage rates was made by the government, add sources privy to the matter.

Despite that, several workers are less likely to feel better off as the rise in pay comes on the same day as household bills are hit by inflation-busting increases.

Sources cite that workers in the age group of 23-24 are anticipated to be the largest beneficiaries after the government disclosed that they will begin receiving the new minimum living wage of £8.91 per hour, up from the rate of £8.20 per hour that the workers are presently entitled to.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the national living and minimum wages have escalated every year since their introduction, backing the lowest paid, and in spite of the challenges that were recently faced by the UK, the same will be followed this year. The Prime Minister also stated that the country is providing a well-earned payment upsurge to two million people, which will be a welcome boost to families right across the United Kingdom.

It is to be noted that earlier only workers with the age of 25 and older were paid what is now known as the national living wage. As per the government, the upsurge, which is a rise of 2.3 per cent for 25-year-olds, is worth £345 a year for older full-time employees.

The hourly rate for workers withing the 18 year age-group on the minimum wage will increase by 11p per hour to £6.56, which denotes a spike of 1.7 per cent. The earnings of low-paid workers in the age group of 21-22 will increase to £8.36 per hour.

According to the Director of Living Wage Foundation, Laura Gardiner, the introduction of the national living wage has provided a robust pay increase to minimum wage workers. Gardiner further added that it is welcome to witness the persistence of the government in committing to ambitious increases.

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