VMware partners with Nvidia to foray into AI-powered infrastructure

  • VMware’s now generally available VCF 4.4 platform showcases Nvidia’s AI enterprise suite
  • Unique features of VCF 4.4 include multiple security fixes, flexible upgrades in vRealize products, user activity logging and more

VMware spearheaded the endeavor to incorporate IT virtualization 20 years ago and transformed the conventional operating systems adopted by enterprise, ensuring easily movable and controllable workloads.

Edging its game, the virtualization tech company is approaching next-generation infrastructure development using artificial intelligence (AI), with a solid market presence across 95% of all IT departments, who use at least one VMware product.

Building upon this aim, the company is teaming up with Nvidia, a leading manufacturer of IT processors that accounts for 80% of the graphical processing unit (GPU) market, emerging as the most successful chipmaker to embed AI in silicon supported by its historic expertise in chipmaking for gaming.

Last week, the company made its Cloud Foundation (VCF) 4.4 platform available to enterprises integrated with Nvidia’s proprietary AI Enterprise Suite. It comes with pre-built AI software sets coupled with pre-trained models.

Moreover, VCF 4.4 platform offers additional tools to data scientists for creating and deploying next-generation apps.

Reportedly, the offerings are likely to be deployed in the form of full-stack, hyper-converged infrastructure based on hybrid cloud platform model, which is currently trending in the field of cloud computing.

VMware claims that the integrated VCF 4.4 will offer modified AI and ML workload support and enhanced capabilities of sharing virtual GPU’s, which is a latest advancement, across a spectrum of use cases.

The newly integrated features showcased on the VCF 4.4 platform – disabling SH on ESXi hosts, flexible vRealize product upgrades, user activity logging, upgrade precheck improvements and multiple security fixes – are appealing a herd of developers.

Nvidia and VMware been mutually fruit bearing throughout their two-year partnership, underpinning an anticipated move by amalgamating into a single platform and a key output of the longstanding business deal.

Source Credit: https://venturebeat.com/2022/02/14/vmware-nvidia-team-up-on-ai-powered-hybrid-cloud-platform/

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