TESLA-40 launches spray formulas for promoting health and healing

Health and wellness support firm, TESLA-40, has reportedly launched an array of spraying formulas comprising the company’s Energy Support spray, its Daily Support spray, and the Pain Support spray. The company’s products are known for radiating health frequencies focused on the stimulation of healing and health via clear communication throughout the body.

For the uninitiated, TESLA-40’s frequency formula is known for working like a knob on a radio which helps in tuning in to the natural healing frequency of the human body. The company believes in Nikola Tesla, the great inventor and scientist, who rightly asserted that if one wants to explore the secrets of the universe, it is necessary to contemplate in terms of vibration, energy, and frequency.

With this doctrine in practice, the company’s Energy Support spray reportedly delivers frequencies that support the production of healthy energy. The spray breaks the body’s fatigue cycle by boosting optimum energy levels for the body and mind, in turn ensuring functioning at its maximum potential. Further, this product takes only three sprays on the neck in the morning and evening for enhancing energy levels, state sources.

TESLA-40’s Daily Support spray, the company’s foundational product, has been developed for supporting balanced physical wellness and health on a daily basis. Framing the face in the morning, along the front hairline with the application of three sprays are set to relieve the body of daily stress, add sources favoring product usage.

As reported, TESLA-40’s topical sprays are equipped with a natural frequency formula supporting healing and health. The company’s health sprays reportedly come in 30 mL glass bottles containing nearly 200 sprays.

The company’s Pain Support spray reportedly works on joint and muscle pain, in turn helping muscles, body, and joints in healing and recovering themselves from chronic joint pain, workouts, and generalized aches. The product is advised to be used in the morning and evening with application on the skin by saturating it and rubbing into the area of pain for up to four times a day.


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