OvaryIt’s new telehealth platform helps women in picking contraceptives

  • The new telehealth platform helps in identifying if the individual is medically qualified to receive hormonal contraception. 
  • OvaryIt has tied up with several non-hormonal contraceptive manufacturers as well as distributors.

OvaryIt Holdings Inc. has reportedly introduced a telehealth platform for women looking for focused specialty care associated with non-hormonal and hormonal contraception. The new platform will allow women to safely engage through a telehealth interface which is based on OvaryIt’s network of independent physicians as well as its proprietary platform, cited sources aware of the development.

This women-specific platform comprises of two steps. During the screening process, OvaryIt telehealth platform asks the individual a series of questions which helps to understand if the user needs hormonal contraceptives, sources claimed.

In this context, Founder and CEO at OvaryIt Mary Kucek reportedly claimed that the platform could potentially help in saving months of pain.

The next step involves engagement with a physician. According to Devin Bustin, M.D., an ER doctor, numerous women suffer from side effects associated with hormonal contraceptives, of which various complications could be avoided with the right engagement process.

Doctors are unknowingly recommending the same formulation of hormones under a different brand name. Dr. Bustin added that the new platform will help in educating healthcare providers and ask the right questions to avoid any complications related to hormonal contraception.

Moreover, sources confirmed that OvaryIt has tied up with several non-hormonal contraceptive manufacturers as well as distributors in a bid to address these issues.

If reports are to be believed, OvaryIt is completely integrated with various e-prescribing networks such as Amazon Pharmacy and other local distributors. In this context, Dr. Bustin mentioned that the company witnessed a need for women, including those who are uninsured, to obtain easy access to healthcare services.

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