Netflix found testing a new feature that prevents password sharing

Netflix Inc., a U.S.-based multinational OTT content platform is was reportedly found testing a new feature through which it will prevent user password sharing. This feature is currently active on Netflix TV and blocks account access if the user is not authorized.

If reports are to be believed, Netflix displays a message to unauthorized users implying that the account cannot be accessed unless they are living with legitimate account holders. It urges them to open their account, a move that can also improve the platform’s user base.

Reportedly, Netflix will also be sending a verification code through a text or e-mail, during account login. Users will have a limited time to verify the account or will be required to create a new one to continue using the highly popular over-the-top content platform.

The company reportedly issued a statement confirming that the test is curated to prevent any unauthorized access to Netflix accounts. However, it is still unclear how Netflix distinguishes authorized users from unauthorized ones.

According to Netflix’s terms and agreements, the platform is only for personal and non-commercial use and may not be shared with individuals beyond a household. The new feature renders its definition of a “household” to be ambiguous, as people living apart from one another may have registered for a family plan.

Notably, Netflix had put limitations on its subscription plans in the past. The long-overdue feature doesn’t restrict the number of logged-in devices. However, it limits streaming to only one, two, or four devices according to the registered plan.

According to credible sources, the launch and rollout of ongoing tests will vary from country to country, and whether the feature will be introduced globally is not yet known. Whether this decision will face a backlash by causing hassles to users or be welcomed as an added security measure remains to be seen.

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