Hyundai's premium brand Genesis to arrive in the UK market in 2021

South Korean multinational automotive company Hyundai, which had launched its premium brand- Genesis in Korea and the US in 2015, has reportedly announced its plans to expand the luxury brand in Europe. As a part of this expansion, the company is expected to start sales in the UK, Switzerland, and Germany this year.

The GV80 large SUV and G80 large saloon are supposed to arrive in the UK this summer, wherein the first model of Electrified G80 is due to reach customers. This car is reportedly available elsewhere with a dual motor 365bhp powertrain.  

Genesis has not yet disclosed which powertrains will be provided in the UK. However, it has confirmed that the car models have been designed to suit European roads.

The decision to introduce the largest cars by Genesis first is apparently an effort of establishing the brand’s premium credentials. It also implies that they are the newest in the fleet, having been launched last year.

According to the sources of knowledge, the G80 and GV80 will be followed by the GV70 mid-sized SUV and smaller G70 junior saloon soon. The brand has affirmed that a dedicated European model will arrive within a year. Two more EVs, including the one developed on a customized EV platform is also supposed to arrive within the first year of UK launch.

Although Genesis has not shared details, the latter is expected to be a production version of the X grand tourer concept or Mint city car concept. Genesis stated that the brand will be focusing on delivering a premium experience through an online sales model and emphasis on customer service.

It is expected to implement a transparent pricing structure, with limited car specifications. Reportedly, a five-year care plan covering servicing, roadside assistance and over-the-air software updates will be included in the price. In addition, Genesis will also offer a car- subscription service.

Although the customers will be able to make the car purchase entirely online, the brand is reportedly going to open studios in London, Zürich, and Munich.

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