Fusion Pharmaceuticals inks deal to build radiopharmaceutical facility

Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc., a prominent clinical-stage oncology firm, has reportedly signed a 15-year lease agreement with Ontario-based McMaster University. This alliance will allow Fusion Pharmaceutical to develop a 27,000 square foot Good Manufacturing Practice compliant radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

For the uninitiated, Fusion Pharmaceuticals focuses on the development of precision medicines based on next-generation radiopharmaceuticals. The company employs its indigenous Fast-Clear™ linker technology that involves connecting alpha particle emitting isotopes with different targeting molecules for selectively delivering the alpha-emitting payloads to tumors.

While the new radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility will be built by McMaster University, Fusion Pharmaceuticals will provide the necessary validation. It is being designed to support the manufacturing of the latter’s expanding portfolio of targeted alpha therapies (TATs).

Speaking on this initiative, John Valliant, Chief Executive Officer at Fusion Pharmaceuticals stated that manufacturing and supply chain processes are critical for the development and commercialization of radiopharmaceutical. He added that the company believes to be well-positioned to develop a facility for scaling the production on account of its various pipeline and development partnerships.

Fusion Pharmaceuticals will continue prioritizing the manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure as a part of its long-term plans, Valliant further claimed. This new facility marks a crucial milestone in the execution of those plans.

The upcoming facility will be located adjacent to Fusion’s internal research organization and McMaster University, which specializes in research and training of medical isotope. This will allow the Canadian clinical-stage oncology firm to make advancements in new TATs effectively and recruit top-tier talent to support its radiopharmaceuticals portfolio.

Apart from the lease agreement, Fusion Pharmaceuticals has also signed a services agreement with the Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC), its long-term partner. Sources confirmed This deal is aimed at providing services on certain aspects of the validation of this new facility.

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