Sony Corporation’s brand new Play Station 5 has reportedly sold out online on major retailing sites in Japan, the U.S., and elsewhere, thanks to a sharp increase in video games as more people stay at home. In fact, the demand was so high that few retail sites conducted lotteries to distribute their restricted stock. Previously, Sony announced that it has decided to make an online launch for the PS5, to ensure the safety of customers, retailers, and employees during this challenging period of COVID-19. Sources cite that the brand new
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has reportedly forecast that in 2020, global renewable energy installations would witness a record level of growth, completely opposite to the immense declines caused in fossil fuel sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Paris based intergovernmental organization’s report expects that in 2020, about 90% of new electricity generated will be renewable, while the rest will be powered by coal and gas. This new trend of renewable installation puts green electricity on the path to emerge as the biggest power source by 2025, effectivel
Online multifunctional product consumer store, KP Kool Products, has reportedly announced the launch of its high-quality gas can replacement nozzle and spout kits. The company is a trusted and reliable brand for trending and exclusive household goods as well as personal care products. The company’s gas can spout kits show up to 97 per cent compatibility with all types of chemical cans, gas cans, water jugs, diesel cans, and kerosene cans of all brands comprising Eagle, Rubbermaid, Gott, Midwest, Essence, Blitz, Wedco, Briggs, and Scepter amongst others. In addition, KP
Accenture Federal Services (AFS), a private consulting firm and subsidiary of Accenture, has reportedly been awarded a contract worth $90 million. The contract is regarding the development of an integrated capability for scheduling, planning, & conducting depot maintenance and the expansion of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) capabilities by the United States Air Force across a range of business domains such as logistics. Four and a half years of performance period has been allocated for the MROi+ (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Initiative+) contract. As a part of the
Nokia, a telecommunications company, has reportedly deployed a private 5G campus network at the development center of MYNXG, a secure industrial IoT specialist, in Nuremberg. MYNXG will leverage this industrial-grade 5G network at the new industrial IoT interoperability test facility to develop secure solutions as well as perform real-life testing of sensors and equipment for multiple OEM and customer projects. The operational technology of MYNXG significantly functions by leveraging the full capability of the 5G network. It has integrated this Nokia
NOVAGEN, one of the leading DNA blood testing centers in Vietnam, has reportedly announced that it has started offering a variety of DNA testing services in Vietnam with 100% accuracy.  The company’s DNA facilities have started offering a variety of applications including prenatal DNA testing, genetic testing, blood DNA testing, and NIPT non-invasive prenatal screening Its testing procedures are simple and fast. Among the most common is a mouth swab that is directed for DNA evaluation with results available within a few hours. Sources cite the company uses GeneMap
A crypto-focused streaming platform named ‘Bitcoin TV’ has reportedly launched across the world today. With viewing initially available on YouTube and at bitcointv.network, the channel aims to entertain and educate both newcomers and veterans of the decentralized digital money. Speaking on which, Founder Cory Klippsten said that Bitcoin TV makes it easy for people to sit back and know everything about this revolutionary cryptocurrency. He added that is a ton of top-quality Bitcoin educational content available, but there’s so much noise that curation is of
The Government of United Kingdom has reportedly allocated around £49 million towards low carbon automotive projects across the country. Sources with knowledge of the matter claimed that the new funding will help in creating abundant jobs, reduce CO2 levels, and promote a low carbon automotive future in the U.K. As per the Automotive Transformation Fund, 31 projects will receive around £10 million. This new investment will also boost the development of retro electric and zero-emissions buses as well as improve the battery manufacturing capabilities in Scotland, so
Stryker, a multinational medical technologies company announced the acquisition of Wright Medical Group N.V., a worldwide medical device enterprise that focuses on extremities and biologics. Stryker’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Kevin Lobo stated that this deal improves the company’s worldwide market position in extremities and trauma providing substantial opportunities to reach more patients and advance innovation. He welcomed the team at Wright Medical and look ahead to expand the joint business by providing solutions that enhance patient outcomes.