Onpoint Industrial Services, a turnaround & safety services provider, has reportedly announced the strategic acquisition of Innovative Ventilation Systems & Scope Management Solutions. The recent takeover of companies in the turnaround industry will help increase value as well as expand the scope of turnaround services to customers. The acquisition of Scope Management Solutions, a leading provider of material management for capital and turnaround projects, will significantly drive Onpoint’s business growth. It will enable both companies to increase their footpr
BWX Technologies Inc., the U.S-based power generation technology firm, has reportedly finished its TRISO nuclear fuel line restart project and is producing experimental fuel at its Lynchburg-based facility. For the record, BWXT is one of the leading nuclear fuel producers in the world, producing fuel across numerous government and commercial business lines. BWXT joint ventures offer management and operations at over a dozen NASA and US Department of energy facilities.  In June 2020, the company inked an agreement with the U.S. DOE&rs
Griffin Gaming Partners, a venture capital firm singularly focused on the gaming industry, has reportedly raised USD 235 million to invest in gaming companies of all stages across the world. Sources cite that the company will focus on everything from seed fund investments as low as USD 1 million to final stage agreements at USD 15 million or USD 20 million. The company spent the last nine months raising funds from numerous limited partners around the globe. It is not allowed to disclose who they are, but sources cite that over a dozen gaming and media and technology firms are involved across the U.S, Europe, the Middle East, and As