A new flying car prototype developed by up and coming automotive-aviation firm, Klein Vision, has reportedly completed a successful 35-minute test flight between two international airports in Slovakia. According to reports, the flying car, called AirCar, took off from Nitra and successfully landed in Bratislava. The completion of the flight has supposedly heralded in a new era of mobility and aviation. There have been high expectations from the nascent flying cars market, which has long been regarded as a milestone of a technologically ad
Chief Brexit negotiator of European Union, Maros Sefcovic, has reportedly claimed that he is confident that a solution can be found for the potential ban on chilled meat items being sold from the Great Britain in Northern Ireland within the next 48 hours. As a result of the NI Protocol, import of products like cold sausages was set to be banned from non-EU members as of Thursday. This protocol is part of the Brexit agreement that establishes a border in the Irish Sea, which retains Northern Ireland in the European Union single market for goods.
Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services firm, UBS, is reportedly planning to let two-thirds of its staff to take up hybrid working from home as well as office permanently. According to credible sources, this move is geared towards attaining a competitive edge in recruitment over many of the US banks that have taken up a more stringent approach. Sources closer to the matter have reported that the company’s move is being initiated by its CEO, Ralph Hamers. The lender is also committed to providing its employees the flexibility of a hybrid work arrangem
The UK government has reportedly announced that EU citizens residing in the UK would be given a 28-day notice to apply for their post-Brexit permanent residency status. However, Home Office will give people an indefinite amount of time to finish their application for the settled status, given that they have a valid reason for the delay. According to reliable reports, the application deadline is less than a week away. Approximately 5.6 million EEA (European Economic Area) citizens as well as their dependents have already filed for settled status. However, nearly 400,000 cases
More than six months after its initial release, the much-awaited sci-fi adventure game Cyberpunk 2077 has reportedly launched on the PlayStation store. According to reports, less than a week after the game's launch in December of 2020, customers started reporting catastrophic glitches and continuous breakdowns in the game, which led to Sony withdrawing the title from sale on its digital platform. Players were frequently reporting glitches such as disappearing vehicles, random NPC nudity, and characters stuck in jerking animation loops
Prominent English winemaker, The English Wine, has reportedly announced that it has tied up with leading British sustainable packaging firm Frugalpac, to sell its beverages and drinks packaged in paper bottles. According to the company, these paper bottles, dubbed ‘the Frugal Bottle’, boast of a carbon footprint that is approximately 84% lower than that of its glass counterparts. The Essex-based Specialist online wine retailer stated that the paper bottles are the first for English wine. Frugalpac innovated the Frugal Bottle t
Australia’s Fair Work Commission has reportedly increased the national minimum wage by 2.5% to make it $20.33/hour or $772.69/week. Notably, however, this pay raise would be delayed to 1st November for workers who fall under tourism, fitness, aviation, and certain retail sector awards while general retail award workers would have to wait until 1st September for the revised wage. The remaining 2.3 million workers under the national minimum wage or award rates would supposedly receive the $18.80/week wage bump fr
British music IP investment company Hipgnosis, has reportedly unveiled its intention to raise £150 million in order to acquire more music. According to the company, the funds will be utilized for purchasing more of the highly influential and successful songs of all time. It is planning to issue 24 million new shares at a price of 121p per share. This represents a discount of 2.4% on the closing price of the prior day. Hipgnosis, which has been on a buying spree over recent months, reportedly made a purchase of catalogues of the form
Leading charity group Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has reportedly warned that the progress in minimizing the deaths from breast cancer in England is apparently under threat. The warning comes as figures have showed that over 10,000 fewer patients in the country began treatment for the disease in the previous year as compared to the year before. According to an analysis by CRUK on NHS England numbers, around 38,000 fewer cancer patients commenced their treatment between April 2020 and March 2021 as compared to the same period in the year earlier. Reportedly, under 28% of these p