UN chief Guterres cautions against planet going into ‘climate chaos’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has recently warned that the planet might be heading toward irreparable ‘climate chaos’ and has requested global leaders at the upcoming climate conference in Egypt to put the world on the right track.

Guterres suggested certain measures that governments across the world could take in this regard, which include cutting down on carbon emissions, following through with their promises on climate funding, and helping developing nations accelerate their transition to renewable energy.

The UN Chief asserted that the 27th yearly Conference of the 198 Parties of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, also known as COP27, might be the right place to reinforce the trust and ambition required to prevent the planet from going into a permanent climate crisis.

He stressed the importance of establishing a pact between developed and developing economies to achieve various climate goals. In the pact, it is advised that the richer countries must offer the necessary financial and technical support to emerging nations to enable the latter’s transition to green energy.

This transition could be sped up through additional assistance from technology firms and multilateral development banks, claimed the Secretary-General.

As per Guterres, reports from the last few weeks do not show any significant improvement in the current climate situation. Greenhouse gases are still increasing at record levels instead of dropping by 45% by 2030 as once predicted by scientists.

The UN Chief has put the onus of improving this scenario on developed countries like the US, which have constantly surpassed their limit of emitting heat-trapping carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, poor countries like Pakistan, where the recent floods submerged at least one-third of the nation, bore the brunt of the growing global carbon emissions.

Guterres stated that COP27 will be the ideal place to lay the groundwork for bolder and faster climate actions in this crucial decade, where nations can either win or lose the global climate battle.

Source credits: https://www.business-standard.com/article/international/un-chief-antonio-guterres-warns-planet-is-heading-toward-climate-chaos-122110400100_1.html