Paying Off Debt Improves Brain Function, Study Finds

debt free improves brain function

Need another reason to pay off those credit card balances? A new study from the National University of Singapore found that eliminating debt actually makes your brain work better.

Researchers tracked “almost 200 low-income people who unexpectedly had portions of their long-running mortgage, utility and municipal debts paid down by a charity,” according to Market Watch.

The study found:

• Average error rates in cognitive function tests fell to 4% after the debt was paid down, compared to a 17% error rate beforehand. 

• The proportion of participants showing generalized anxiety disorders went from 78% to 53% after the debt relief.

• Numbers of people showing so-called “present bias,” which favors instant gratification, dropped to 33% from 44%, a sign that their impulse control had improved.

Not only will paying off debt help your credit score, it will also make you feel and function better.


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