Dog Reunited With Family After Disappearing For Five Days Down Rabbit Hole

dog found in rabbit hole

A dog named Ralph put his concerned owner through the gamut of emotions after a nearly week-long runaway in England.

Sarah Mclellan, 33, was left devastated after her beloved pet scampered off on a walk near her home last Thursday.

Incredibly, the intrepid canine was sniffed out by his sister, Edie, while on a walk with Sarah’s husband five days later. Ralph was found wedged in a rabbit hole and then dug out after a two-hour long pooch excavation.

According to Mclellan, “Ralph was about five feet down, and they had to dig around him so the hole didn’t collapse – it took them two hours.”

“At first my husband could just hear a dog whimpering so he rang his friend and his friend shot up and dropped everything. The rabbit holes are like mazes and he must have gone through one hole and got stuck – he had made himself a hole in the middle but he couldn’t get out again. When he got out the hole he went for a wee – and then carried on as if nothing had happened! When I got back home I opened the door and there he was in the kitchen – I couldn’t believe it. My son had kept asking us where Ralphy was – he was opening the front door and shouting for him – it was heart-breaking. We just had to tell him that Daddy was looking for him.”

Despite losing weight and suffering from dehydration while trapped, Ralph emerged without any serious injuries or complications.

For her part, the relieved dog mom hopes that her happy (and miraculous) ending will inspire other pet owners that their dogs can be found, too.

“I just want this to give people hope that they will find their dogs – you’ve just got to be persistent,” Mclellan said.


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