Blind Golden Retriever Gets Around — With Own Seeing-Eye Dog

seeing eye dog for dog

There are an estimated 10,000 seeing-eye dogs for visually-impaired people in the United States. Now, though, there is at least one seeing-eye dog … for another dog.

Meet Charlie, an 11 year-old golden retriever who had his left eye removed after a bout with severe glaucoma in 2016. A year later, his owners Adam and Chelsea Stipe had to remove Charlie’s right eye, as well — leaving him completely blind. Rather than put down their four-legged friend, the Stipes improvised.

They brought Maverick into the family, a four month old service pup who incredibly now serves as Charlie’s guide.

The Stipes started chronicling their two dogs on Instagram, and have amassed an impressive 100,000+ followers in just weeks.

According to CBS New York, “Adam and Chelsea say Maverick helps their blind best friend with everything from walking, to playing, to eating, and even sometimes being used as a pillow by the big retriever.”

You can (and probably should) follow them here.


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